Collars Sock Puppy


Excited to have teamed up with Chris Green, to help promote and raise awareness for Collars, the Cleveland Retired Police Dog Fund.

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I’m so excited to have teamed up with Chris Green, who features on Police Interceptors, to create a mascot for Collars.

Collars is a new, independent & currently unregistered fund, that has been set up to help support the police dogs who have served with Cleveland police following their retirement from the Force.

Very few police forces around the country provide any financial support when their dogs retire although some do give a one off payment. Unfortunately Cleveland dogs do not benefit from such a payment. Collars intends to step in and raise funds, to provide financial help towards veterinary bills. This should allow them to get the best healthcare possible, ensuring that they have an excellent quality of life in their retirement years.

As will all my items, the puppies are CE marked which means they are safe for all ages from birth.

They are blue and white striped, and are emblazoned with the Collars logo.

5% from each sale will be donated directly to Collars.

Help us raise awareness and purchase your Collars mascot today.


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